Thursday, August 6, 2009


Made it! Got to our apartment and its HUGE! I’ve met my roommates and everyone seems super cool.  I went to a shopping center across from our school to get lunch and towels (couldn’t waste precious room in my suitcase with towels!) and try to find a place for the internet.  The metro system is pretty easy to use, but getting around trying to find various locations is pretty difficult.  The Czech language is far from French, or any romantic language at that, so trying to figure out signs, menus, etc is pretty difficult.  And surprisingly, people aren’t too friendly or ready to help out an ignorant tourist as myself.  I asked close to a dozen people where I could find an internet café and most people just walked right by.  It also seems like most of the younger population speaks at least a little bit of English, but the majority of the older population speaks none at all.

Another thing I’ve noticed is how clean the city is.  It’s impeccable! When the cab driver was taking me to my apartment I saw a street sweeper vehicle going down the street—it was 11 am on a Wednesday! People don’t litter and everyone is responsible for their own trash.  I wish people practiced that in the U.S.

I’m really excited because there are flyers and posters everywhere for various music festivals/concerts/events etc.  I also saw a poster for a “pyrotechnics light laser show” which I’m sure will be quite a show. 

Well, I’m off to dinner/city exploring!

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