Friday, August 7, 2009

Wow, Prague is definitely my new favorite city.  It really is just as magical as everyone said it is.  It’s so beautiful and all of the buildings are so old and well preserved and it’s just awesome.     

I slept in wayyyy too long today, I felt like a lazy bum, but I guess I’m still jet-lagged, or at least that’s a good excuse.  I got up and my roommates and I got lunch at met up with some friends from a previous TEFL class who ended up staying in Prague to teach and they gave us a little tour of Prague.  First we went to the Astronomical Clock for the time change, which was super cool.  They have the 12 apostles appear through the doors, and there are also statues for the 7 deadly sins and a bunch of other symbolic decorations.  It’s really beautiful.     

Then we all went to this crazy gallery for this artist named David Ceurny.  He does these wack statues, paintings, and photographs that are nuts but really cool.  For example, there was this statue thing of Saadam Hussein tied up and submerged underwater in this aquarium thing.  It was really life like and kinda eerie.  There was also a giant palm tree made of Fanta and Sprite cans.  Then we went to the Charles Bridge which, as promised, was really packed and had a bunch of vendors selling way overpriced things but it is something you have to do when you go to Prague.  But it did have a really beautiful view of the river and the city so it’s all well and good.  After the bridge we went to the John Lennon wall (yayyy) which was

definitely the highlight of my afternoon.  It’s really spectacular and I definitely have to go back with some spray paint and put something on it. 

We then walked along the river and went to this park where there were some more David Ceurney statues.  Except these were a little creepy—they were these giant babies with their faces punched in.  Kinda messed up but art’s art I guess. 

Looking forward to the pub crawl tonight!     

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  1. Anna,
    I have been checking every day but all of your blog postings showed up at once today. This is really a cool tool. But now I need you back here right away to type my comments. I really miss you.
    Love you honey,
    Dr T